Pros and Cons of AI You Should Know

There are a lot of myths going on over the world about Artificial Intelligence. Each and every technology have its fors and againsts. but before judging let us discuss various advantages and disadvantages (Pros and Cons) of AI.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Work without Distractions

These systems do not have the effect of emotions,  which leads these systems to work without distractions. So the decision made by them will be unbiased.

Lesser Error Rate

These systems can solve the problem with a lesser Error Rate Unless if the data used for them is correct or there is not a Programming mistake happens.

Useful for Repetitive Tasks

The task which involves the repetition of a particular activity can be done easily by the Robots. Which leads to time-saving for that task.

Self Driving Cars, Speech Recognition

Self Driving cars make use of various algorithms to find out what speed is perfect for the given road. Speech recognition makes use of Natural Language Processing to communicate with others who do not know your Native Language.

Virtual Assistants

All the major companies release their own virtual Assitant which makes your life easier at Home.
For example using Home Automation you can control your home, like  Switching the light, Tv, and other appliances.

Prediction of the Disease

One of the major use of Artificial Intelligence in our daily life is that it can help to predict whether a person can have a disease if their daily schedule remains the same. One such prediction is Diabetes Prediction with an accuracy of 90 or more. It means that out of 100 the result shown by the system 90 or more person’s results might be correct.

For Mining

Robots can be useful for Digging mines, which is dangerous for human beings. Also, time can also be saved for digging the mines.

The Disadvantage of Artificial Intelligence

Although Artificial Intelligence making life easier for people there are some cons which are explained below.


Artificial Intelligence will certainly affect the labor part which will towards Unemployment. There will be millions of people who will lose their as owners tend to use Robots for their Industry.

More Dependent on AI

As AI is doing progress humans are getting more dependent on this. which leads to a bad effect on health.

High Costs

The cost of Implementing these AI systems is High which is because there is a lot of research and development needed to develop these systems.

Can Lead To Destruction

Machine Can Lead to destruction if the technology went on the wrong hand. This could result in another war.

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